SEGA approached us to help launch their new wave of retro games, re-releases of 80's and 90's classic titles. The message needed to tap in to nostalgia whilst converting new gamers into lovers of retro SEGA titles.



  • 80's cereal seemed like the ultimate nostalgic treat - we all loved it, it always came with toys and puzzles, and it holds a place in all our hearts - so we commissioned a specially designed 'Gold Rings' cereal to give to influencers and journalists to tease the new releases in the SEGA catalogue.

  • Coverage ranged from top YouTube influencers to key men's press and gaming press such as Eurogamer, IGN, ShortList, The Guardian, The Times, GameSpot, Empire Online, and Kotaku.

  • ROI to date in excess 1250%. AVE in excess £240,000

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